Embracing the Past: Historic Buildings in Devon

12 June 2023

Architectural Extensions on Castles and Historic Buildings in Devon

In a world that constantly evolves and embraces modern architecture, there is a unique charm and allure to castles and historic buildings. These magnificent structures, steeped in history, have witnessed the passage of time and the changing architectural trends. We were given the exciting opportunity to work on an existing design of an extension on a beautiful Castle in Crediton, Devon. As architects and designers, we are tasked with the challenge of preserving the historical integrity while introducing functional and aesthetic spaces to these buildings. The art of designing architectural extensions on castles and historic buildings, can showcase how thoughtful design can breathe new life into these magnificent structures.

When extending or changing an existing space in a historic building, the primary objective is to honour and preserve the historical narrative while introducing contemporary elements. Architects achieve this delicate balance by thoroughly studying the original structure, its architectural style, and the cultural context in which it was built. By doing so, we can create spaces and or structures that seamlessly blend with the existing structure, paying homage to its heritage. This extension design is a fantastic example of a well thought out and delicately designed architectural extension to a historic building.

Credition Castle Architect Co Create CCA 2
Co Create Architects Listed Building Extension in Crediton, Devon

One of the key challenges in extending a castle or historic building is harmonizing architectural styles. The extension should not overpower or detract from the original structure, but rather enhance its beauty and functionality. This is achieved by employing design techniques that incorporate elements of the existing structure into the new extension, such as matching materials, colours, and proportions. By striking a harmonious balance between old and new, we create a visual continuity that ensures the historical integrity remains intact.

While the preservation of historical character is paramount, architectural extensions also offer an opportunity to introduce innovative functionality to these structures. The integration of modern amenities, such as elevators, heating and cooling systems, and sustainable technologies, allows for improved accessibility and comfort without compromising the building's historical significance. Careful consideration of the layout and interior design of this extension to the Castle ensured that the new space seamlessly blend with the old, offering a seamless user experience. This is visible in the use of the double-glazed glass structure that connects the extension to the actual Castle wall and the fully insulated wall structure.

Credition Castle Architect Co Create CCA 4
Co Create Architects Listed Building Extension in Crediton, Devon
Credition Castle Architect Co Create CCA 5
Co Create Architects Listed Building Extension in Crediton, Devon

Architectural extensions on castles and old buildings must also consider the surrounding environment. By respecting the natural landscape and cultural context, we can create extensions that complement the existing structure and its surroundings. Thoughtful design choices, such as incorporating local materials or mimicking the existing architectural features, can establish a strong connection between the extension and its environment, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. This is visible in the positioning, height and shape of the extension and the choice of style of windows shown in the image below.

Credition Castle Architect Co Create CCA
Co Create Architects Listed Building Extension in Crediton, Devon

Architectural extensions on castles and old buildings embody the delicate balance between preserving history and embracing modernity. By respecting the historical narrative, harmonizing architectural styles, incorporating innovative functionality, and respecting the surroundings, architects and designers can create extensions that enhance the beauty and functionality of these timeless structures. Through thoughtful design, we can continue to celebrate the past while ensuring these architectural wonders remain relevant and cherished for generations to come.

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