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Breathing New Life – Abode2

We were delighted to be asked to be included in the latest edition of Abode 2, a high end luxury property magazine focusing exclusively on the finest residential homes and premium developments across the globe.

Abode2 offers distilled advice from expert sources: acknowledged property specialists, investors and owners, all with a detailed knowledge of the destinations and resorts featured.

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Breathing New Life – Co Create Architects

In an age where architectural design often gives way to modern development, the delicate art of refurbishing and conserving listed buildings has become a vital mission for architects. “Our dedication and commitment to our craft have instilled a deep passion in the field of architectural preservation, with a focus on the conservation of listed buildings,” explains Jamie Dewdney, Director at Co Create Architects.

Listed buildings are often rich in historical and architectural significance and present a unique challenge.
With The Priory, based in Devon, a philosophy of ‘less is more’ was adopted when it came to conserving heritage. “Our team of dedicated architects focused on retaining and repairing original features and materials where practicable, using modern materials that complement the historic fabric of the manor house building.

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This commitment to authenticity often involves sourcing or recreating period appropriate materials and finishes.” The Priory stands as a testament to a commitment to quality and preservation, built on a foundation of a client-centric approach, meticulous research and a dedication to authenticity.
The completed project has brought new life into the manor house, creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

Co Create Architects show their deep appreciation for architectural heritage as they seamlessly blend modern design with historic preservation, ensuring that these cherished structures stand the test of time.


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